Chapter 1 - Walkthrough (Very Incomplete)Edit


Item setsEdit

List of item sets that can be completed during first play through.

Magarath's Set

  • Magarath's Belt (Drop Orge Boss - mini boss)
  • Magarath's Armor (Drop Bandit Lord - mini boss)
  • Magarath's Amulet (210 - Main Town)

Miraga's Set

  • Miraga's Ring (Drop Widger Queen - mini boss)
  • Miraga's Armor (Dig south of Main Town - Needs Dig Power : 2)
  • Miraga's Staff (360 - Main Town)

Items Required for Later SetsEdit

  • First Brother (Drop Fishthern Demon - elite boss)
  • Magic Orb - (Drop Adult Golem - South of Your Home)
  • Fire Stone (Dig - South west of Main Town)
  • Azureus Ring (800 - Main Town)
  • Plate Shield (Found - In huts after epic boss)

Useless Items (Can be sold)Edit

  • Boots of Speed
  • Ankle Ring
  • Quasch Claws
  • Speedy Gauntlets
  • Tzitorin

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