Chapter 1 Dig SitesEdit

Chapter 1 has 10 dig sites, with their locations indicated on the map:

Ch 1 Dig Spots

Chapter 1 Dig Spots

Dig Sites (10):Edit

Below is a list of items that can be found in their corresponding dig site, as well as the Dig Power needed to obtain them.

  • 1) Branch of Rejuvenation (Phondom's Farm) (Dig Power Needed : 0)
  • 2) 50 Gold (Outside Bottom Left Corner of Town) (Dig Power Needed : 0)
  • 3) Stogo Helmet (Ogre Mountain, in between the cliffs) (Dig Power Needed : 0)
  • 4) Minor Restoration Potion (Bottom Right of map, Behind the Bandit Wizard) (Dig Power Needed : 0)
  • 5) 50 Gold (In between the live stock pen and Hamta Spider Mother pen) (Dig Power Needed : 1)
  • 6) Lesser Magic Ball (To the top of the Widger Queen's mountain) (Dig Power Needed : 1)
  • 7) Glyph of Ability (Inside Ogre's Cave) (Dig Power Needed : 2)
  • 8) Fire Ward (Top right corner of map) (Dig Power Needed : 2)
  • 9) Path of Power (Center of the map, in the circle of trees) (Dig Power Needed : 2)
  • 10) Miraga's Armor (Outside Town : Right of the bottom exit of Town) (Dig Power Needed : 2)

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