Chapter (#)Edit

(Short description of chapter (no spoilers please!))

Main Quests: (# of Main Quests)Edit

  • (Quest Name)
    • Quest starts with:
    • Quest ends with

Optional Quests: (# of Optional Quests)Edit

  • (Quest Name)
    • Quest starts with:
    • Quest ends with:
  • (Link to Quest Spots Map)

Puzzles: (# of Puzzles)Edit

  • Puzzle (#)
    • Reward:
    • Location: (General description of location)

Dig: (# of Dig Spots)Edit

  • (Item Name)
  • (Link to Dig Spots Map)

Flower: (# of Flowers)Edit

  • Angalor x(#)
  • Bahm x(#)
  • Lakhnos x(#)
  • Posamanian x(#)
  • (Link to Flower Spots Map)

Steal: (# of Items able to be stolen)Edit

  • (Item Name) - (Who Drops - Link if possible)

Mini-Bosses: (# of Mini-Bosses)Edit

  • (Link to Mini-Boss --OR-- (Name) - (Dropped Item) )
  • (Link to Boss Spots Map)

Boss: (Link to Boss)Edit

Elite Quest / Boss: (Link to Elite Boss)Edit

Epic Quest / Boss: (Link to Epic Boss)Edit

Items to Collect (# of Items) (Based off Campaign Progress Multiboard):Edit

  • (Item Name)

Known Bugs / Issues:Edit

  • (Bug / Issue)
    • (Resolution / Fix / Workaround - If any)


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