This campaign offer five different resources which is gold, lives, honor point, boss point, annd luck. Each is unique in its own way and has different uses.


Gold is The Kingdom Balgaron's official currency and a universal currency all over the world, gold may be obtained from something as simple as killing mobs to finishing a quest.


Lives are magical resources that allow your hero to resurrect when they fall in battle. You may purchase life from shaman, at the cost of honor point or boss point.

Honor PointEdit

Honor Point is a mark of heroic act. Honor point can be obtained by solving mini-games and puzzle, giving correct answer to a riddle, slaying elite and epic bosses will both reward you with three Honor Point. Honor Point can be spent in honor shop, which upgrade your spell tremendously.


Luck is used to get a good item from Special Box. Luck can be increased by tome increasing luck found in later chapter or by equiping an item that gives luck. Each level has it own Special Box, the better your luck is the better item you will get.

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